The Flats


Sweet sun-baked tire tracked mud cracks

New Scenic photos up on new website. enjoy the link

New Scenic photos up on new website. enjoy the link

Some recent photos since I have moved back to my old hometown of Port Aransas, Tx. I will be posting more soon. enjoy@

South Texas Kite Surfing

South Texas Kite Surfing

Third Coast kite surfing in Port Aransas, TX

New website is live.

Here’s the link to my new website, thanks. WWW.TIMBURDICKPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Moved to Texas

Hey just an update, I have changed my cell and moved to Texas! Check my contact page for the new digits.. Keep posted for the latest and greatest! Will be starting a photography business and gallery in my home town of Port Aransas, TX. Cheers!!

Shot O Day

Mid-Cirque cliff


Sweet tram action

Out-take from the scenic fog shot earlier.
Oh. One more


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